A decision within 15 minutes

1. Apply for an account today

2. We only need your ID

3. Quick decision. Affordable.

4. We pay your medical practitioner directly

HealthCredit is the affordable medical account for medical expenses when they happen. HealthCredit covers unexpected primary medical expenses and allows you to pay it off over 24 months.

Plenty of time to pay

Pay it off over 12 months.
To give you time to recover, no payments for the first two months if you are in a serious accident.

Pay only when you use it

You only need to pay the account when you use it.
No monthly contributions other than a small monthly membership fee.

You choose where to use it

Use at YOUR healthcare practitioner and not a network practitioner

No pre-authorisations

Use the facility when you need it. No motivation letters or call centre authorisations.

HealthCredit is there when you need it

Affordable Credit Terms.

Up 24 months to pay.

Up to R15,000.