HealthCredit is the easiest and most convenient way to help patients with affordable financing options. Medical aid schemes are continuing to lower coverage of primary healthcare benefits. This pushes the burden of the patient's budget on to the medical practitioner.

Why do Medical Practitioners offer HealthCredit?

Most medical practitioners become interested in HealthCredit when they want to:

  • Help patients accept recommended care
  • Perform more of the procedures they love to do
  • Reduce billing and collections
  • Decrease patients' dependence on day-to-day benefits or MSA accounts
  • Improve patient satisfaction, retention and referrals
  • Reduce cancellations and no-shows due to financial concerns

Why would patients use HealthCredit?

Patients enjoy the benefit of paying over a period of time. We offer a credit facility up to 12 months with an easy payment plan. Our interest rate is cheaper than a credit card and avoids the need for expensive debt from unscrupulous credit providers.

What makes us different?

  • A decision within 15 minutes

    A patient will know what they can afford while they are in the waiting room

  • We pay you every Friday

    There is no delay in receiving funds or approval of funds. This is a huge interest cost saving.

  • There are no hidden fees

    We charge a settlement fee and that is it

  • No integration

    We provide you with a portal link to process a transaction. Therefore, no merchant swipe terminal fees or other fees.

  • Easy to process

    Processing a transaction takes 30 seconds.

What medical expenses can be used on HealthCredit

Current medical expenses that HealthCredit can be used on are:

  • Optometry
  • Dental procedures
  • Lab or test costs
  • LASIK and vision
  • Hearing
  • Cosmetic
  • Orthotics
  • Veterinary expenses

How to offer HealthCredit

  • We provide paper-based application forms to display at your practice
  • We install our internet portal within 5 minutes and training takes 20 minutes
  • We pay you every Friday.
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